Welcome To My Ego Trip.

Back before I got all old and creepy I did time in a series of really embarrassing, big hair, glam bands. Photos from this era ensure I will never run for public office. After years of abuse, my liver decided to leave the music business and pursue a career in design, I grudgingly followed.

I’m currently the Head Honcho (and Janitor) of Yellowfish, a goofy little web and print design company. I’ve also weaseled my way into some nifty partnerships with Private Practice the Wine Guild of Charlottesville and Ten Course Hospitality. Lurid details of these exploits are down below.

If you would like to work with me or just tell me what a remarkable (and humble) hunk of man meat I am, contact me at 434-996-6783 or email davismichael at gmail dot com. You are dismissed.

Yellowfish is the bizarre little graphic design studio I run. For over a decade we’ve duped some of the smartest companies in the world into working with us. Big throbbing Fortune 500’s and wee tiny startups are equally smitten with our enigmatic charms.

The talented designers I hire to make me look good deserve all the credit. Instead, I give them stale cigarettes and homemade Tequila. My advice to any aspiring designers is to consider a career as a condiment. Most people like mayonnaise more than a hipster designer. Mmmm…mayonnaise.

I’m a major wino…just ask my liver. When my wallet began to bitch I knew I had to find a way to pay less for great wine. Along came The Wine Guild. This ingenius group is a private buying co-op that saves our members 20% off the normal retail price of wine.
As the owner, my duties include drinking wine, telling bawdy jokes, and letting the air out of that whole “snobby wine guy” stereotype.

Ten Course Hospitality is a family of businesses that includes nine restaurants, a pie shop, a wine club and a farm that raises organic produce for our restaurants.

My two partners, Will Richey and Josh Zanoff, are restaurant pros. I’m just a smartass who has never worked in a restaurant. The fact that they asked me to be a partner just proves I’m irresistible…or they are drunk. I’m going with both.

I oversee design, wrangle real estate deals and provide amateur psychological services when the Bourbon runs out…which is often.

Private Practice, now called Maternity Neighborhood, makes the #1 selling electronic medical record for midwives. As one of the co-founders, I was responsible for product design and marketing for four years.

Building good software is hard. Impressing people who witness childbirth regularly is even harder. Fortunately, we’re good enough to pull that off.

I’m too busy to write anything else here. Just imagine that this last bit is incredibly profound and life-changing. Now, go outside and get some sun. You’re wasting your time here.